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Internet & Networking It's official now. The signs had been there for a while now. While the west bangs on about the importance of freedom and democracy, they don't actually want anyone to have too much of it. The US, France, and the UK have jointly pretty much declared war on freedom on the web.
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i hope french president nicolas sarkozy gets jailed,
or serves yearS of cummunity service cleanning toilets and streets for repeatedly trying to introduce unconstitutional laws that harm french people's liberties and civic rights.
for example: hadopi law was rejected few times, but he still continue to put all his weight to pass this law -no matter what- despite strong public and political rejection.

and also he and his governement deported french gipsy communities in 2009.
it is not normal to pick an ethnic group and kick them out of a country.

he continually makes bad decisions.
when the terrible events of march 11 unfolded in Japan,
this clown was downplaying it all on TV and still trying to sell french nuclear technology.
he is the WORST:
(Jeremy Rifkin Nucléaire France, very interesting video)

also well known for manipulating french mass media as to what should they say, so he always gets to looks good in the press.

think about it, you think it's a coincidence that french press largely ignored what happened in Fukushima (Japan) ? or rather as it was bad publicity for nuclear energy (which french governement pro-actively support) it was suggested the japan news be kept low.

current french governement is taking bad descisions about internet but not only..
continue with nuclear energy, trying to lower/supressing social help, more police, more laws to bully ppl, controling media, ........ the list goes on.

nicolas sarkozy you should get kicked out for constantly making bad and harmful descisions for the country and you should pay back for what you did.

what happen to those who cannot pay enough for access to culture ? they should be denied access to music and book and movie because they don't have enough money?
so culture is only for the rich ?
what happened to liberty egality fraternity ? huh ?
you're killing france's ideals.

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