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Internet & Networking A new resolution introduced in the US Senate offers political backing to the Bush administration by slamming a United Nations effort to exert more influence over the Internet. At the heart of this international political spat is the unique influence that the US federal government enjoys over Internet addresses and the master database of top-level domain names - a legacy of the Internet's origins years ago. The Bush administration recently raised objections to the proposed addition of .xxx as a red-light district for pornographers, for instance, a veto power that no other government is able to wield.
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RE: Hate America eh?
by lezard on Wed 19th Oct 2005 14:13 UTC in reply to "Hate America eh?"
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God, your post made me think of what my English teacher (who was a US citizen living in France) told us: there is a big conception in US that the rest of the world hate them, that the rest of the world is full of bad people who want to gain something from them.

I never thougth that was actually true....

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