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Fedora Core "When it comes to adopting the newest technologies, Fedora is always at the front among the major Linux distributions. Well, Fedora might very well do it again by adopting a new file system for its next release. According to proposals for Fedora 16, Btrfs will be the default filesystem used in that release. The proposal has been approved by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee. In Fedora 16, the switch from EXT4 to Btrfs will be a 'simple switch' - it means that major Btrfs features such as RAID and LVM capabilities will not be forced onto users."
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by panzi on Fri 10th Jun 2011 22:56 UTC
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So there is finally a fsck.btrfs that can fix errors? Or are the fedora people really so insane and they make this filesystem the default without a error fixing fsck.btrfs? The moment we have a good fsck.btrfs I'll switch to btrfs.

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