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Benchmarks "Google has released a research paper that suggests C++ is the best-performing programming language in the market. The internet giant implemented a compact algorithm in four languages - C++, Java, Scala and its own programming language Go - and then benchmarked results to find 'factors of difference'."
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Meant as a Scala Demonstration
by Rooki on Fri 10th Jun 2011 23:20 UTC
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This paper has some pretty serious issues as has been discussed extensively!topic/golang-nuts/G8L4af-Q9WE and

For instance nearly all the optimization for the C++ code could have been applied to the Java code. Also according to Ian Lance Taylor:

Despite the name, the "Go Pro" code was never intended to be an example
of idiomatic or efficient Go. Robert asked me to take a look at his
code and I hacked on it for an hour to make a little bit nicer. If I
had realized that he was going to publish it externally I would have put
a lot more time into making it nicer.

I'm told that the program as compiled by 6g is significantly faster now
than it was when Robert did his measurements.

So yeah, in general a fairly floored benchmark, see the threads I linked for more details. I'm sure there's equivalent Java and Scala biased threads floating around as well!

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