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Benchmarks "Google has released a research paper that suggests C++ is the best-performing programming language in the market. The internet giant implemented a compact algorithm in four languages - C++, Java, Scala and its own programming language Go - and then benchmarked results to find 'factors of difference'."
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RE[5]: GCC isn't all that great
by acobar on Sat 11th Jun 2011 11:22 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: GCC isn't all that great"
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Perhaps, I should have said it on a more direct style: I do not encourage people to write optimized code, I tell them to look for good algorithms and rather to good libraries whenever they are available.

To me, actually, all this talk about the better language to code in is a bit misleading, we should clearly concentrate on algorithms. We don't know on what we will be coding 20 years from now be we know that good algorithms will probably survive, like they did on past.

Sincerely, for most of the applications it does not matter a dime if you spend 1 millisecond or 1 microsecond doing something, and there are a factor of 1000 involved. And for the ones that matter, there are a chance that it is already well known and that a wise compromise was devised.

I see people everyday praising languages that make them write less code, or type less, or write more comfortable (understandable) code, or in the ones they like the syntax more. And all those arguments are sensible.

I, particularly, like languages that have all tools I feel I may need, like GUI generators, automation by scripts, code templates (not necessarily like on C++), profilers (for the very rare occasions where they are needed), many of modern OO concepts and, of course, that may be linked against good, well known tested libraries.

To be even more direct: people should learn more before code, unlike what we so repeatedly see. This would save time on rewrites and latter tunes.

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