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Apple So, yeah, uhm, I bought an iPad 2 today. I still don't think anyone really needs a tablet, but that doesn't mean I didn't want one. I wanted to wait until the HP TouchPad was announced, but now that it has, it seems it won't be coming to The Netherlands any time soon. As such, the iPad 2 it was. A few quick fist impressions.
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No Apple for me. The only Apple product I have is the iPod Touch Nano and it does one thing (Listen to music) beautifully and I like the interface and it is unobtrusively small. I won't go any bigger than that. Too much overhype on those other products. On tab/slate - well hands down I want the Blackberry Playbook. It's in my want list. I like the fact that it runs on QNX and not any variation of Android or other linux derivatives. Apart from that if I want a smartphone I'd go for Samsung Galaxy SII (Best Android phone). All will be had by the end of the year (Looking forward to some year end bonus). Am I anti-Apple, resoundingly yes.

I've used both and the PlayBook blows the iPad 2 out of the water. The size and weight are much more sensible, while the iPad is too heavy to hold for any serious amount of time, unusable if laid flat on your lap, and the slippery surface makes it hard to hold onto. It's like Apple deliberately set out to take all of the worst things about laptops and smartphones & combine them into a single device.

Really, the only advantage iOS has going for it is the library of third-party software; in other words, it's now the Win9x of handheld OSes. I guess we know why Apple's volunteer shills have been so desperately spewing FUD and anti-hype ever since the PlayBook was first announced.

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