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Windows There's a full-blown panic going on in Microsoft's core third party developer community. After the big Windows 8 demonstration earlier this month where HTML5 and JavaScript were touted as a new way to create applications for Windows 8, speculation has gone through the roof - with developers panicking in the streets about the end of Silverlight and .NET and a HTML5/JS-only Windows 8 release. Looking more closely at the whole situation, though, it would seem that what we're dealing with here is a miscommunication - one that Microsoft desperately needs to address since the web is blowing it way out of proportion. The tl;dr: no, HTML5 and JS are not going to be the only ways to write applications for Windows 8.
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RE: Seriously
by kragil on Mon 13th Jun 2011 20:08 UTC in reply to "Seriously"
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Not over night, but the fear is that WPF (for being a big slow mess only enterprises like) and Silverlight (for not getting any traction besides DRM streaming) will get deprecated.

The current MS is scared of be seen as this big slow old fashioned behemoth that isn't doing any hip stuff (besides Kinect).

So they want catchy stuff like one-true-dev-platform for everything (JS + HTML5) on their (fast and hip) IE browser.

They want to be lean and mean and run on tablets and WebOS has shown that doing everything in JS and HTML can work really well.

Don't underestimate the current MS willingness to do radical things that they think they need to do to be relevant in the future.

But like every MS technology WPF and SL will still have a very long life as MS zombies ahead of them.

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