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Benchmarks "Google has released a research paper that suggests C++ is the best-performing programming language in the market. The internet giant implemented a compact algorithm in four languages - C++, Java, Scala and its own programming language Go - and then benchmarked results to find 'factors of difference'."
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RE[3]: No C?
by Alfman on Mon 13th Jun 2011 20:46 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: No C?"
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"What two-level compilation scheme are you talking about?"

I think he's referring to include files and the C preprocessor. If so, I agree with him that it's a regrettable mess.

"though C++ is not as clean or simple as Java, it is (together with C) dominating the industrial software development."

C/C++ are often the defacto languages of choice for embedded and systems development.

I like the C logic syntax alot (more than ada/pascal languages). But both C and C++ have usability issues which would have been handled differently if they were designed today. I'm not sure if any new language can get enough momentum to take over from C in systems development?


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