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Windows There's a full-blown panic going on in Microsoft's core third party developer community. After the big Windows 8 demonstration earlier this month where HTML5 and JavaScript were touted as a new way to create applications for Windows 8, speculation has gone through the roof - with developers panicking in the streets about the end of Silverlight and .NET and a HTML5/JS-only Windows 8 release. Looking more closely at the whole situation, though, it would seem that what we're dealing with here is a miscommunication - one that Microsoft desperately needs to address since the web is blowing it way out of proportion. The tl;dr: no, HTML5 and JS are not going to be the only ways to write applications for Windows 8.
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crap crap
by rafaelnp on Mon 13th Jun 2011 21:49 UTC
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Who believes in microsoft bilieves in santa claus, easter bunny, fairy tales and so on...

another crappy release, that will fool (again) the developers. I am lauching so loud... HA HA HA HA HA HA

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