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Windows There's a full-blown panic going on in Microsoft's core third party developer community. After the big Windows 8 demonstration earlier this month where HTML5 and JavaScript were touted as a new way to create applications for Windows 8, speculation has gone through the roof - with developers panicking in the streets about the end of Silverlight and .NET and a HTML5/JS-only Windows 8 release. Looking more closely at the whole situation, though, it would seem that what we're dealing with here is a miscommunication - one that Microsoft desperately needs to address since the web is blowing it way out of proportion. The tl;dr: no, HTML5 and JS are not going to be the only ways to write applications for Windows 8.
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ROTFL. Come on now Thom. There has been a lot of spectacular flamefests over the years under many articles where people have posted a hell of a lot more than 25 comments, a lot worse than what was on that discussion and they didn't get locked.

The problem with that story was that between comment 150-203, most of it was talk about the moderation system - useless meta chatter. This went on for hours and hours - with no relevant comments posted. The story was closed because of it. If you wanted to post something after that, all you would've needed to do what send me an email and I would've gladly opened the story back up for you. I have done so on quite a few occasions in the past where we locked a story because we thought it had run its course, only to find out someone wanted to posted an insightful comment.

But of course, whining in a comment on a different story is a far more constructive approach than spending that energy on sending me a quick email.

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