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Legal Well, the first of the big patent litigations is over. Since this one involves Apple, the big winner is obviously the highly innovative company from Cupertiono, right? The company from which all others copy, right? Well, no, not exactly. The big winner is Nokia.
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RE[2]: Freaking Hypocrite!
by kittynipples on Wed 15th Jun 2011 12:29 UTC in reply to "RE: Freaking Hypocrite!"
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Nokia filed with HARDWARE patents. Apple filed with SOFTWARE patents. Software patents = bad. Hardware patents (generally) good. Simply, huh?

If an inventor comes up with some "new or novel" way of doing something, please explain what is the real difference between it being implemented in software or in hardware as far as patentability is concerned?

Using your kindergarten logic: Inventing a new algorithm to increase video compression by x3 is not patentable, but inventing a new type of drill bit design that can drill through a material x3 more efficiently should be? I guess so, since software patents = bad, hardware patents = good.

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