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Linux "Remember KQ Infotech? KQ Infotech was the Indian company that ported the ZFS file-system to Linux as an out-of-tree kernel module (after deriving the code from the LLNL ZFS Linux work) and KQ's interesting methods of engagement in our forums. The company was successful in delivering an open-source ZFS module for Linux that performed semi-well and didn't depend upon FUSE (the file-systems for user-space module) like other implementations. However, this ZFS Linux code appears to no longer be worked on by KQ Infotech."
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Mixed feelings...
by mweichert on Wed 15th Jun 2011 20:09 UTC
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This is unfortunate. I have mixed feelings about ZFS vs Btrfs.

- ZFS has been tried in the field and works very well. It was revolutionary if you will. I don't think ZFS is going to be replaced in Solaris, Nexenta, or FreeBSD any time soon.

- Rather than use Btfs, I'd like to see ZFS omnipresent as administrators only need to learn and plan for ZFS strategies

- Since ZFS on Linux efforts appear to be fading, and Btrfs efforts seem to be increasing, it looks like we're going to have fragmentation in the filesystem arena.

Don't get me wrong - I know that OSS is all about choice, and that aspect usually translates into a "good thing". But sometimes, it really does feel redundant, unnecessary, and problematic.

The good news is that things keep getting better and better, and I'm guessing within a year Btrfs will see it's day on production systems.


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