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Linux "Remember KQ Infotech? KQ Infotech was the Indian company that ported the ZFS file-system to Linux as an out-of-tree kernel module (after deriving the code from the LLNL ZFS Linux work) and KQ's interesting methods of engagement in our forums. The company was successful in delivering an open-source ZFS module for Linux that performed semi-well and didn't depend upon FUSE (the file-systems for user-space module) like other implementations. However, this ZFS Linux code appears to no longer be worked on by KQ Infotech."
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You just wouldn't expect an enterprise to use an unproven storage technology any more than you'd expect them to be running "unstable" / "testing" repo's on their core servers.

Hmm. You shouldn't expect it perhaps. I suspect it's more common than it should be though ;)

Still - I'm no economist, but I would think industries with high barriers to entry and where economies of scale drive towards big players, would lead to oligopolies or monopolies and we all know where that ends up in IT...

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