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Linux "Remember KQ Infotech? KQ Infotech was the Indian company that ported the ZFS file-system to Linux as an out-of-tree kernel module (after deriving the code from the LLNL ZFS Linux work) and KQ's interesting methods of engagement in our forums. The company was successful in delivering an open-source ZFS module for Linux that performed semi-well and didn't depend upon FUSE (the file-systems for user-space module) like other implementations. However, this ZFS Linux code appears to no longer be worked on by KQ Infotech."
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It has nothing to do with their nationality. Just their lack of a reputation and history in the industry. Storage providers should have a proven track record before being trusted with critical data. Its common sense, not xenophobia.

Have you never seen the countless discussions among geeks/IT folks about how all development work are given to incompetent foreigners? And (only partially made up) "Oh by the way the support had a slight Indian accent so I began screaming to make my self understood". And I'm not talking about standard insecure clueless lusers :/

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