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General Development "The recently finished C++ ISO standard, with the working name of C++0x, is due to be published this summer, following the finishing touches to the ISO spec language and standards wonks agreed upon in March."
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RE[6]: Basically, awesome
by FealDorf on Fri 17th Jun 2011 11:15 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Basically, awesome"
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What makes you think I'm talking about Java as being in any way superior?
Class System is done (almost) right in Eiffel. Method Renaming and Deleting.
The deficiencies? Diamond Inheritance and Constructor Chaining can make easy mistakes. The argument given is that "good practices and patterns will obviate this" but most of them exist only to overcome the shortcomings of the type system.

PS: And to clarify, the reason i say "class system" is because I don't wish to include templates into it, which are a lot more awesome

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