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Legal Just as Apple wraps up one lawsuit with Nokia, they have been hit with another one by a Phoenix based company named iCloud Communications. iCloud Communications, a VoIP vendor, claims that Apple's new iCloud causes confusion with competing products, and has harmed their image because anytime someone hears the name 'iCloud', they will now think of Apple instead of iCloud Communications. Super-Instant Pre-publication 5000W Turbo Update from Thom: ...and we have another one.
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RE[2]: Um... seriously!?!?
by nathbeadle on Fri 17th Jun 2011 17:34 UTC in reply to "RE: Um... seriously!?!?"
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Well then you're smelling someone else in the room. If you know my posts I'm about the practical, common sense approach regardless of the Operating System or computer involved.

If you said iCloud to anyone you knew last year, or the year before I bet they'd peg it as an Apple product anyways. Just do a Google Search for iCloud Communications... you won't even see their website in the top 100 results that's how small their mindshare is. Pretty much any website reporting on the suit comes up before their site does!

I'm just saying this is the same deal as Apple Computers vs Apple Records. I'm sure they'd still be suing Apple if they called it iCloud Storage or iCloud Music. Suing Apple is the new way to get money and publicity.

If iCloud Computing provided the same services I'd totally be against Apple and their name.

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