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Games Microsoft has released a beta SDK for Windows, allowing Windows developers to officially make use of the XBox Kinect hardware. From their own press release: "The Kinect for Windows SDK, which works with Windows 7, includes drivers, rich APIs for Raw Sensor Streams, natural user interfaces, installer documents and resource materials. The SDK provides Kinect capabilities to developers building applications with C++, C# or Visual Basic using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010."
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RE[7]: Comment by Kroc
by lucas_maximus on Fri 17th Jun 2011 21:08 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by Kroc"
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WTF!?! Where did you get that retarded opinion from.

The fact you were blatently missing every point I made and twisting my words around ... when you blatently knew what I meant ... it is a bit sad ... you stopped talking like an adult before me.

I've regularly commented on here that I happen to think Visual Studio is not only the best IDE out there, but the best thing MS have ever developed.

Oh right ... I am supposed to remember every user name and their general opinions. Really?

I mean has this discussion already sunk that low that now you're resorting to plucking complete bullshit out of thin air?

It wasn't really out of thin air. It was the fact that you seemed to miss the point completely ... it was almost as if you were doing it on purpose.

Sorry but I really can't be arsed to read the rest of your post because the opening statement alone is so absurd that I don't hold any hope of you posting sane comments after it.

/me gives up on this discussion

Do what you wish ... save me keystrokes.

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