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Privacy, Security, Encryption Oh boy, what do we make of this? We haven't paid that much attention to the whole thing as of yet, but with a recent public statement on why they do what they do, I think it's about time to address this thing. Yes, Lulz Security, the hacking group (or whatever they are) that's been causing quite a bit of amok on the web lately.
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RE[4]: Bah
by Laurence on Sat 18th Jun 2011 01:10 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Bah"
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My point is, however, not that your judgement is morally wrong, just that it contains no insight.

I think he's right though and I also think we do have an insight through reasonable deduction.

We might not know directly, but we understand how DDoS attacks work and what they're normally used for (generally blackmailing - pay us or we'll take your site down).

We further know that these sites were not attacked in protest (Sony being the only exception) nor for blackmail. So that actually doesn't leave many motives.

We also know that LulzSec like to publicly advertise the fact that they were behind the attacks. If you were doing it just for a laugh, then you wouldn't necessarily want to draw excessive attention to yourself.

In fact we know that LulzSec love actively flaunting themselves in the media. From posting stolen personal details on a public site through to having the audacity to set up a telephone hot line, this sort of behaviour is intentionally antagonistic. They are deliberately provoking a reaction from people.

So yes, you are right that we don't /know/ their motives, but it's more than a reasonable deduction that a major incentive is global recognition.

If I had to speculate, I'd also say they were all kids / young adults too - with no-one in the group over the age of 25 and the majority still in their teens. However that /is/ complete guess work based on next to no insight.

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