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Privacy, Security, Encryption Oh boy, what do we make of this? We haven't paid that much attention to the whole thing as of yet, but with a recent public statement on why they do what they do, I think it's about time to address this thing. Yes, Lulz Security, the hacking group (or whatever they are) that's been causing quite a bit of amok on the web lately.
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RE[4]: Bah
by Soulbender on Sat 18th Jun 2011 05:15 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Bah"
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I'm sure LulzSec can use the same argument, pointing to RIAA/MPAA/the gubmint.

Really now. Is the gubmint running around stealing data?

My point is, however, not that your judgement is morally wrong, just that it contains no insight.

You want insight?
We need to stop idolizing this kind of behaviour. They're not "tech wizards" or "security geniuses". They're petty criminals hiding behind the comfort of their computer screen, which conveniently prevents them from actually ever interacting with their victims. Think it's hard to hack into a system and find a single flaw? That's a walk in the park. Try building systems and defenses that can't be broken into, THAT is hard and no it doesn't require hacking skills. It does however require understanding of good engineering and security practices but the industry is more interested in the whizbang gadget of the week that will magically solve all your problems or paying "hackers" to "pen test" their systems. Like Marcus Ranum I too wish it was considered cool to properly design your systems and defenses but as long as media is the way it is I doubt that'll happen. Being the "whiz kid" of the week will always be more cool even if the whiz don't really know jack.

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