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Privacy, Security, Encryption Oh boy, what do we make of this? We haven't paid that much attention to the whole thing as of yet, but with a recent public statement on why they do what they do, I think it's about time to address this thing. Yes, Lulz Security, the hacking group (or whatever they are) that's been causing quite a bit of amok on the web lately.
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RE[7]: Bah - hacking skills
by jabbotts on Sun 19th Jun 2011 19:58 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Bah - hacking skills"
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I think my meaning in my original post was quite clear in referring to law abiding Hackers not crackers or criminals. Are you just trying to be cute by intentionally misreading what I wrote to mean criminals just because I talked about Hackers and system security?

And really, how can you claim your sys-admin or infosec team is at it's best if you haven't at least one member who can think outside the box, find creative solutions, try the unexpected and take a detail oriented enthusiasts interest in developing and implementing a solution?

My point stands; if your responsible for system management and security, you should be hiring Hackers not nine to five folks looking only for a pay cheque with no real interest in the job topic outside of work hours. You want the type of person who will go home, duplicate wifi settings using there own router, break into it then report back on how easy/hard it was and how your business system can be improved. You want people who spend all day managing and fixing your systems then go home and play with there own systems for the pure joy of developing skills and learning down to the smallest details (aka. Hackers).

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