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Windows Way back in old and boring January of this year, Microsoft announced they would be working together with the Windows Phone 7 homebrew community, with the goal of creating a stable, supported way for homebrew developers and people interested in homebrew applications to enable side-loading on their WP7 devices. Well, they took their sweet time, but the ChevronWP7 team (Rafael Rivera, Chris Walsh, and Long Zheng) and Microsoft have just announced the results.
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RE[5]: Hmmm...
by VZsolt on Mon 20th Jun 2011 04:52 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Hmmm..."
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The UI setting you mentioned provides another level of filtering. If you set it to All, you'll be able to install self-signed applications (with seriously limited capabilities) along with Express/Certified Signed applications. The other choice disallows self-signed stuff.

There is no user accessible setting to disable the Platform Security's certificate checks. It's possible though by using ROMPatcher+ for example, but that's not less complicated than jailbreaking an iPhone for example.

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