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Windows Way back in old and boring January of this year, Microsoft announced they would be working together with the Windows Phone 7 homebrew community, with the goal of creating a stable, supported way for homebrew developers and people interested in homebrew applications to enable side-loading on their WP7 devices. Well, they took their sweet time, but the ChevronWP7 team (Rafael Rivera, Chris Walsh, and Long Zheng) and Microsoft have just announced the results.
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RE[3]: Hmmm...
by Neolander on Mon 20th Jun 2011 05:40 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hmmm..."
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Yes and no. The problem with Open Signed Online is that you can't easily redistribute your software, as every new user will have to contact Nokia and repeat the signing process again.

As "superior" signing methods require you to sign on the behalf of a company, I guess that homebrew must stick with self-signed, which has several limitations (you are limited with basic user-mode applications rights, no advanced system capabilities) and displays a warning each time the application is installed.

Thankfully, I was wrong about self-signed applications : they'll work on any device, provided that the user has disabled certificate checks and that he accepts the warning. They just have limited capabilities.

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