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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku Alpha 3 has been in development for more than 14 months. In that time more than 800 bugs have been identified and fixed, major sections have been updated, applications have been added and updated, and great progress has been made in supporting additional hardware. Here is a summary of updates, more details can be found here. Also inside, interviews with some core Haiku developers.
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RE: yawn
by jonas.kirilla on Tue 21st Jun 2011 00:21 UTC in reply to "yawn"
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There's no reason to go chasing around the filesystem with the right-click menu on the Desktop. It's not meant to be used that way, and there's nothing forcing you to use it that way. There are multiple alternatives to achieve what you can do with the filemanager context menu. Haiku has a start menu. (the blue leaf icon) Most of the apps are there. There are "spring-loaded folders" to respond to drag&drop, you can cut/copy/paste files around, keyboard shortcuts let you move around in the filesystem. There's Alt-Tab (or Ctrl-Tab) and workspaces.. There's just a lot. Open the User Guide and find the alternatives before you hurt yourself any more.

If you can report anything about the lockup that would be very much appreciated. Hardware spec., listpci (listdev?) from e.g. Linux or from Haiku. Perhaps a syslog or serial output from Haiku. If you were doing something particular.

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