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Internet & Networking Remember when Altavista was the search engine? Or Yahoo? They stuffed their search pages with useless, distracting crap, and using them became unpleasant. And then, bam, along came Google, with a simple, clear search page and uncluttered search results. However, now that Google has become this massive behemoth, tracking our every move, and tailoring our search results, leading to only being fed those pages you agree with - isn't it time for something new? Something simple? It might be, and you've undoubtedly heard of them: DuckDuckGo. I'm switching. Update: Just got an email from Gabriel Weinberg, the guy behind DuckDuckGo. The OSNews !bang (!osnews) is now live!
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by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 21st Jun 2011 15:49 UTC in reply to "Comment by shmerl"
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I think the big problem is that relevance is a relative term. What you might consider a relevant result for "barefoot unicorn dildo porn" might be considered irrelevant by someone else. The past ten years of Google's near-ubiquity has certainly coloured our expectations of what is relevant. I would say that the mere stringent exclusion of sites like eHow from DuckDuckGo's results is reason enough to consider DDG more relevant than Google.

But then, someone else might believe differently.

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