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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku Alpha 3 has been in development for more than 14 months. In that time more than 800 bugs have been identified and fixed, major sections have been updated, applications have been added and updated, and great progress has been made in supporting additional hardware. Here is a summary of updates, more details can be found here. Also inside, interviews with some core Haiku developers.
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RE[7]: Looking Forward to Haiku
by tylerdurden on Wed 22nd Jun 2011 01:37 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Looking Forward to Haiku"
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thanks for proving my point regarding you poor lack of reading and comprehension skills.

The point was that Linux was far from having a minuscule market share. Esp. if compared to real microkernel OSes, like QNX.

BTW, Tanenbaum argument was regarding microkernels, not hybrid systems like OSX or modern NT kernels. Because that is what Minix, his creation, is: a microkernel. He may have been technically correct, in fact I agree with him in some of his points/views.

However, given the minuscule market share of minix vs. linux, I would have expected you to know better than to use a fallacy like an argument to popularity. You should provide actual technical reasons as to why Tanenbaun "won" according to you.

But that clearly won't happen, as it is clear you're just a kid with waay too much time during the summer and obviously learning is not one of your priorities. So have fun trolling instead.

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