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Internet & Networking Remember when Altavista was the search engine? Or Yahoo? They stuffed their search pages with useless, distracting crap, and using them became unpleasant. And then, bam, along came Google, with a simple, clear search page and uncluttered search results. However, now that Google has become this massive behemoth, tracking our every move, and tailoring our search results, leading to only being fed those pages you agree with - isn't it time for something new? Something simple? It might be, and you've undoubtedly heard of them: DuckDuckGo. I'm switching. Update: Just got an email from Gabriel Weinberg, the guy behind DuckDuckGo. The OSNews !bang (!osnews) is now live!
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RE[2]: I don't see the problem...
by vitae on Wed 22nd Jun 2011 08:53 UTC in reply to "RE: I don't see the problem..."
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In the end it's really about how paranoid a person wants to be. To some degree, we're just going to have to give the government the benefit of the doubt, even when it screws up. What else are we gonna do short of waging a probably failed revolution?

Suppose a person worries all day that the government wants to make them disappear (and why not because people are throwing out a lot of "what if's" here). After he gets done posting his fears on all the social networking sites "that if I disappear, here's why", technically it could still happen. If, for example, they want to make you disappear, they certainly could do so, and not even to Gitmo, but disappear forevermore, and there's really nothing you could do about it unless you happen to be the Special Forces type. But how much time are you going to spend worrying about it?

A lot of people around the web are throwing out that Benjamin Franklin quote, "He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither" without bothering to acknowledge that BJ lived in a simple age where they wore RED, us BLUE, and once somebody was defeated, they went home to sulk while we set off the fireworks.

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