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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia may have gone with Windows Phone 7 for its future smartphone operating system, but until then, we now have the Nokia N9 to look at. Yes, a beautiful, top-of-the-line Nokia smartphone which runs MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan - but isn't this thing kind of a dead end? Also announced: the even prettier Nokia N950 Meego 1.2 developer device - only available to a limited number of developers. Sure to become a collectors' item.
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Daniel Borgmann
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As someone who has been working on Harmattan, Elop's decision has been incredibly frustrating and disappointing of course.

However, I am getting really tired of this "Elop lied" argument. Whether or not he made the right decision remains to be seen, but there is no clear indication that given the circumstances and information he was faced with, he didn't made a sensible decision.

Your arguments are as flawed as most others in this regard:

1) Getting the OS ready to be released on one phone is one thing, having the capability and time to support it on a wide range of phones is a very different thing. Nokia is no Apple, which can survive on one phone a year or less. Additionally, while a Nokia Windows Phone is not out yet, at least WP7 has been around for a while and is steadily growing its ecosystem.

2) These were arguments for choosing WP7 over Android. Elop never stated differentiation or appeal as the reason for going with WP7 over MeeGo. This is how statements are getting mixed up to create popular semi-truths.

What's done is done. The N9 is an amazing phone, and I am confident that it will do well in markets which are not entirely in the grip of the iOS or Android ecosystems (yes, they exist). It's a phone for those who want one of the neatest phones of the next couple of years or so, not for those who want to invest heavily in apps and get tied down to a specific ecosystem.

When the N9 eventually becomes obsolete, there will be something worthy to replace it. What it will be... We'll just have to see. Perhaps a Nokia running WP9. ;)

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