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Legal This make me a sad little facepalming unicorn. Apple has just slapped the open source home server project Amahi with a cease and desist letter about the project's use of the term 'app store' - stop using the term, or face Cupertino's army of lawyers. Note: Please help me find out what 'Mac App' is, a supposed Apple product from 1985 - the first citation of the term 'app' in the Oxford English Dictionary. Another note: Okay I should've guessed that publications from that time could still correct company's horrid camel case spelling without unleashing the wrath of fanboys - it's MacApp, not Mac App. Gra├žias, guys!
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RE: WTF Apple?
by Mexicali100 on Wed 22nd Jun 2011 15:28 UTC in reply to "WTF Apple?"
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How soon we forget. Before Apple's app store, we used to call this stuff programs, software, and sometimes (but rarelyu) applications. Did the term "app" exist before Apple coined it? I don't recall ever using the term app prior to Apple's use of it. Not defending Apple.

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