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Legal This make me a sad little facepalming unicorn. Apple has just slapped the open source home server project Amahi with a cease and desist letter about the project's use of the term 'app store' - stop using the term, or face Cupertino's army of lawyers. Note: Please help me find out what 'Mac App' is, a supposed Apple product from 1985 - the first citation of the term 'app' in the Oxford English Dictionary. Another note: Okay I should've guessed that publications from that time could still correct company's horrid camel case spelling without unleashing the wrath of fanboys - it's MacApp, not Mac App. Gra├žias, guys!
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Here is page 112, from Computerworld Sep 13, 1982:

If you look carefully, you will see three job listings with the word "apps" highlighted in yellow. One is in the "SYS MANAGER" listing for Hartford. Another is in the "IMS PROG LEADER" listing for Boston. The third one is in the "BURROUGHS 6800 P/A" listing for Providence.

In September of 1982, the term "apps" was widely used to describe computer applications, with no reference to Apple computer.

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