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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia may have gone with Windows Phone 7 for its future smartphone operating system, but until then, we now have the Nokia N9 to look at. Yes, a beautiful, top-of-the-line Nokia smartphone which runs MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan - but isn't this thing kind of a dead end? Also announced: the even prettier Nokia N950 Meego 1.2 developer device - only available to a limited number of developers. Sure to become a collectors' item.
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Making phonecalls just fine on the n900 meego 1.2 on ATT and TMobile GSM networks here in the US.

Your comment reeks of FUD, Thom.

Are you referring to meego 1.3 or something?


> Rings (very softly, even at max volume) and *sometimes* dialer does open, but does not meet the requirements for a primary device, cannot be heard/felt, in pocket.

> Dialers People page doesn't show contacts (bug #19586)

That qualifies as "barely able to make/receive calls", and yes, I do have it installed on my N900.

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