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Features, Office The Calligra Office Suite has announced its second snapshot release. The project, which is a fork of KOffice, is building a suite of productivity and creativity applications and is working towards its first formal end-user release due in October. The project is seeking feedback from end users particularly in the area of usability of the GUI. With this snapshot Calligra Office Words is claiming better compatibility with .docx than LibreOffice, and also claims to be approaching the best compatibility with legacy .doc formats.
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RE: Calligra Words' font rendering
by lemur2 on Thu 23rd Jun 2011 09:45 UTC in reply to "Calligra Words' font rendering"
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I check out kword and now Calligra Words from time to time, and it's been a long time since I thought it was 'promising'. The interface doesn't seem to be developed much at all, being overly simplistic while in its default layout wasting more space than any other app and showing less functionality than Abiword (I think it's meant to be more advanced).

The worst thing, though, is the font rendering. It doesn't seem to use the system font rendering, which works fine, but rather uses something completely different, with poor forms and those annoying rainbow patterns you could get back in the old days when LCD screens were as new as anti-aliasing. I can't imagine anyone wanting to work in this.

There has been no formal release, yet, of Calligra Words. There is therefore no basis of comparison, your issues were with KWord.

Incidentally, it was the KWord developer who caused the fork which resulted in Calligra Office.

Calligra Words, in conjunction with "flakes" from other Calligra Suite applications, is far more sophisticated than Abiword.

In fact, Calligra Words is closer to DTP than word-processing.

Waaaaaay more sophisticated than Abiword.

The Calligra Words GUI is indeed being worked on, and in fact bringing polish to the GUI is the main focus of these preview snapshots.

Font rendering in Calligra Words is done by Qt. Qt is KDE infrastructure, it has nothing to do with Calligra Words itself. The issue with Qt font rendering exposed by Calligra Words is fixed in Qt 4.8.

Qt 4.8 is in Technology Preview release status right now.

Formal release won't be far away, it will certainly occur well before October when the first release of Calligra Words is due out.

Your points are all addressed.

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