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Internet & Networking So, while The Netherlands just adopted net neutrality, the US is now nearing a comprehensive agreement on a piracy crackdown system. It will include throttling internet speeds, limiting access to e.g. only the top 200 websites, and forced participation in an educational program on copyright. The system has been drafted by the White House, big content, and ISPs. I guess this is the final nail in the coffin for net neutrality in the land of the 'free'.
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I have to agree with modmans2ndcoming. I can't see what NL net-neutrality has to do with US anti-piracy policy. The Dutch will inevitably have their own separate anti-piracy legislation, in whatever form, completely unrelated to their stance on net-neutrality. Surely N-N is about a level playing field between sites and different methods of accessing them, not anything related to IP-theft. Even here, no-body's proposing to, say, block access to certain sites for end-users, just for ISPs to police likely contraband traffic, as in (sadly) the UK.

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