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Internet & Networking So, while The Netherlands just adopted net neutrality, the US is now nearing a comprehensive agreement on a piracy crackdown system. It will include throttling internet speeds, limiting access to e.g. only the top 200 websites, and forced participation in an educational program on copyright. The system has been drafted by the White House, big content, and ISPs. I guess this is the final nail in the coffin for net neutrality in the land of the 'free'.
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by The1stImmortal on Fri 24th Jun 2011 07:05 UTC
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According to the source of the article (the CNET article), it looks like it's "voluntary" for now - but I wouldn't be surprised if there's sweeteners like easier licensing for content for participating ISPs and things like media companies requiring content licensors to block non-participating ISPs. Not saying that's what it involves, just that I wouldn't be surprised.

I wonder how they define customer too?
If someone's reselling a big carrier's services, are they a "customer" who will have adherence forced upon them by the supplier?
Or even worse - what about TRANSIT "customers" - if a big ISP that provides transit for non-US sourced/destined traffic decides to start treating foreign IPs or netblocks or ASNs as copyright infringers...?

I'm not even in the US and it worries me!

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