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Mac OS X "Apple has now released Mac OS X 10.6.8, the eighth maintenance update for Snow Leopard, via Software Update. The update offers a number of fixes implemented since the release of Mac OS X 10.6.7 in late March."
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What has always confused me is how Apple is so happy to break compatibility when it comes to adding or enhancing something but apparently it is 'one step too far' when it comes to breaking compatibility for the sake of security - implementing ASLR system wide has only just come to Mac OS X Lion for example, something that should have been implemented in Snow Leopard (if you're going to break a couple of things why not go for gold and smash a few more things whilst you're at it?).

One thing that has surprised me is how Apple is still supporting 10.5 given how quick they are to throw the old release under the bus and push people onto the next version (especially so given the cheap price of Snow Leopard and same low price repeated again with Lion).

Regarding Webkit, it'll be interesting to see whether the different parts being isolated off will result in a more secure experience as with the case of webkit2 versus webkit1; hopefully we'll get to see some security boffins having a good hack away at it to see whether all the hard work has paid off.

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