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Mac OS X "Using a Mac may certainly be a safer choice for a lot of people as despite being vulnerable they are not targeted. However this is not the same as Macs being secure, something Eric Schmidt erroneously advised recently. I may be able to browse impervious to malware on a Mac at the moment, however I personally would not be comfortable using a platform so easily compromised if someone had the motivation to do so. In this article I address just why OS X is so insecure including the technical shortcomings of OS X as well as Apples policies as a company that contribute to the situation."
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by BallmerKnowsBest on Sat 25th Jun 2011 18:02 UTC in reply to "Just another article"
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And while I do agree that OS X might be "insecure", and even "Horribly Insecure" as the author suggests, there has still to date been NO outbreak of a virus or malware of the scale of any of the above-mentioned viruses that has affected Mac computers.

So you're okay with rampant security vulnerabilities, just so long as no one can be bothered to exploit them? That's like getting diagnosed with Herpes and saying "it doesn't matter because I haven't had an outbreak yet!"

One can say it is due to there only being a very few Apple computers out there and they are not targeted, but there are millions more now than there were back in even 2000, and yet there have been no attacks.

Uh, yes Virginia, there have been attacks.

I don't buy this argument at all.

Yeah, I guess it would be a difficult argument to swallow... if you're completely ignorant of how viruses & worms spread and the actual factors that make it possible for them to propagate.

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