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Mac OS X "Using a Mac may certainly be a safer choice for a lot of people as despite being vulnerable they are not targeted. However this is not the same as Macs being secure, something Eric Schmidt erroneously advised recently. I may be able to browse impervious to malware on a Mac at the moment, however I personally would not be comfortable using a platform so easily compromised if someone had the motivation to do so. In this article I address just why OS X is so insecure including the technical shortcomings of OS X as well as Apples policies as a company that contribute to the situation."
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RE[3]: Just another article
by mutantsushi on Sat 25th Jun 2011 21:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Just another article"
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Most Mac users are either former Windows users or current users of both platforms. ...nothing to indicate that a Mac user is less savvy.
How lovely , you can keep holding on to your lovely sense of superiority.

As for real-world concerns about security, OSX fails to implement techniques that other OS successfully deploy to reduce vulnerabilities. Whatever other platforms a good number of OSX users use/have used, whatever lack of savvy these `lesser Mac users` possess, they comprise the majority of OSX users, and as such should be reflected in the operational use scenarios that security features take into account.

And if you`re aware of the hacking contest being discussed, the test is simply visiting a webpage, no entry of user passwords or any other user intervention required... But I guess researchers who focus all of their time on mattes of computer security just are wasting their time and don`t know what they are talking about. If only they `understood` the Apple way.

(BTW, I like the OSX user experience at large, and think it`s the best out there... I don`t think that means Apple is flawless or that they are excused from having top-notch security methods. I would be glad if/when they do so, but until then it`s a valid criticism)

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