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Internet & Networking After an epic vote fail in the lower house yesterday (labour accidentally voted against net neutrality lolfail), which was rectified today, The Netherlands has officially become the second country in the world, and the first in Europe, to turn net neutrality into law (okay, technically it needs to pass the senate, but that's more of a formality in our system). A big middle finger to Sarkozy, Cameron, and Obama. Hey Chile, ./ We're honoured to follow in your footsteps!
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RE[2]: About filtering
by steampoweredlawn on Sat 25th Jun 2011 22:47 UTC in reply to "RE: About filtering"
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Today Optimum Online blocks a number of ports, those affecting me include 25, 80, 21. They also break the DNS protocol to serve ads instead of nxdomain.

Optimum recently took over Bresnan, and anyone with Bresnan was grandfathered into Bresnan's old TOS and pricing hierarchy. Before I migrated my account over Optimum "Boost" 30 mbps from Bresnan "Speed Plus" 18 mbps I asked them specifically if that was going to happen. They told me it does not, and sure enough I can still run apache and sshd from my home computer. Their TOS says that, but that's so that people do not run commercial services off a home connection. They do not enforce it, but it gives them a legal standing to boot someone that's using a residential connection to run a commercial service.

I also have not run into issues with their DNS, but that's because I use Google's DNS server as it's faster.

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