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Mac OS X "Using a Mac may certainly be a safer choice for a lot of people as despite being vulnerable they are not targeted. However this is not the same as Macs being secure, something Eric Schmidt erroneously advised recently. I may be able to browse impervious to malware on a Mac at the moment, however I personally would not be comfortable using a platform so easily compromised if someone had the motivation to do so. In this article I address just why OS X is so insecure including the technical shortcomings of OS X as well as Apples policies as a company that contribute to the situation."
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RE[4]: Just another article
by brichpmr on Sun 26th Jun 2011 13:11 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Just another article"
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"Most Mac users are either former Windows users or current users of both platforms. ...nothing to indicate that a Mac user is less savvy.
How lovely , you can keep holding on to your lovely sense of superiority.

As for real-world concerns about security, OSX fails to implement techniques that other OS successfully deploy to reduce vulnerabilities. Whatever other platforms a good number of OSX users use/have used, whatever lack of savvy these `lesser Mac users` possess, they comprise the majority of OSX users, and as such should be reflected in the operational use scenarios that security features take into account.

And if you`re aware of the hacking contest being discussed, the test is simply visiting a webpage, no entry of user passwords or any other user intervention required... But I guess researchers who focus all of their time on mattes of computer security just are wasting their time and don`t know what they are talking about. If only they `understood` the Apple way.

(BTW, I like the OSX user experience at large, and think it`s the best out there... I don`t think that means Apple is flawless or that they are excused from having top-notch security methods. I would be glad if/when they do so, but until then it`s a valid criticism)

I use and appreciate both OSX and Win 7...neither are perfected. There is a slight learning curve with either platform to run it intelligently and safely. Almost all Mac users I know are using Windows at work, so they have some familiarity with both systems. The idea that Mac users are simpletons who swallow the Apple koolaid is tribal wisdom for some here and elsewhere, but doesn't pass the giggle test for truth.

What mutantsushi ascribes as 'lovely sense of superiority' could also be described as someone's lack of accurate perspective.

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