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Opera Software Jon S. von Tetzchner has been with Opera for a long time - in fact, he co-founded the browser maker back in 1995, and led the company to great success; the desktop version may play a niche role, the various mobile versions surely do not. Today though, he has announced he will be leaving the company due to differences with the board and management.
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RE[5]: Comment by RichterKuato
by Neolander on Sun 26th Jun 2011 15:52 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by RichterKuato"
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Are you saying you fall into the "mom and pop" category? I seriously doubt that, at least in the spirit by which the developers were thinking of.

Probably not indeed, but maybe my judgement of the relative ease of use of browsers still has a value ;)

No, I doubt Firefox is developed thinking about these users anymore. At least that's the impression I get from the developers and other people in Mozilla. Their main focus is more on things like promoting the "Open Web" and competing with Chrome and Webkit now.

Well, in FF4 they have managed to clean up the firefox interface even further than it already was, freeing up screen space while doing so. And in the very process of this major UI overhaul, they've managed to think about having people who upgrade from Firefox 3.6 keep a familiar-looking interface (I've been quite impressed when noticing this).

In FF5, they have corrected a very annoying longstanding bug that prevented from closing several tabs in a row (improper automatic tab resizing behaviour).

Recently (I couldn't tell when, but my bet is during the FF4 development cycle), they've opened a site that centralizes their UX bugs in a fun and pleasant interface : (I love in particular)

So although they are a bit into politics and test results measurement contests at the moment, I think that UX is still a big concern at Mozilla. I may be wrong though.

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