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Opera Software Jon S. von Tetzchner has been with Opera for a long time - in fact, he co-founded the browser maker back in 1995, and led the company to great success; the desktop version may play a niche role, the various mobile versions surely do not. Today though, he has announced he will be leaving the company due to differences with the board and management.
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RE[2]: dont dumb down
by Dave_K on Sun 26th Jun 2011 21:54 UTC in reply to "RE: dont dumb down "
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The features are still there. A cleaner default interface doesn't mean that the features are removed.

Some of my favourite Opera features (mainly MDI related) were removed/broken in 10.5. While some have been worked on since then, there are still quite a few classic Opera features that are missing or badly bug ridden in 11. To me none of the features added since then even come close to making up for the lost functionality.

In addition, some of the new features added can't easily be turned off. For example, there's no option to disable automatic image resizing, while that's just the kind of thing that would have been added to opera:config in the past.

Up until 10.10 it was possible to make Opera look and feel like pretty much any previous version with a little tweaking. That stopped being possible from 10.5 onwards.

They've definitely moved away from offering a highly customisable "power user" browser in favour of eye-candy and flashy gimmicks. The new UI feels a lot slower too.

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