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Features, Office The Calligra Office Suite has announced its second snapshot release. The project, which is a fork of KOffice, is building a suite of productivity and creativity applications and is working towards its first formal end-user release due in October. The project is seeking feedback from end users particularly in the area of usability of the GUI. With this snapshot Calligra Office Words is claiming better compatibility with .docx than LibreOffice, and also claims to be approaching the best compatibility with legacy .doc formats.
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RE[3]: holding things back
by m_abs on Mon 27th Jun 2011 17:11 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: holding things back"
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Ya know I hear this "meme" for lack of a better word, of MS Office being incompatible with itself but honestly I've never seen it and I mess with some seriously large docs with all kinds of funky formatting. I also have multiple versions of MS Office to deal with, with this machine I'm typing on running my beloved Office 2K while my home machine has Office 2K7 and my oldest has Office 2K3. I also had to deal with a project where I had people collaborating with Office 2K, 2K3, 2K7, and one on Office for Mac (2K4 I believe) and again ZERO problems.

You have been very lucky, I've had plenty of costly problems with just have people work on different installation of the same version of MSO.

Back then I wrote my thesis, the group had decided using MS Office 2k3 which were what the academy were using at the time. But we had no end of problems with work from people home computers.
Some members of the group had MS Office 2k3 in Danish and others had it in English, this made auto indexing troublesome because the tag for headline is localized.
If any of us added a new illustration it would almost always be moved when we opened the document at academy.

The last day before handing in the thesis we spend on correcting spelling, language and layout of the document. I can't remember exactly how much of that time we spend fixing layout problems, but it was a lot. One of the things we had to do was removing all headlines and adding them again, so we were sure that we could generate a full auto index. All images had to be repositioned so we were sure they were in the right place. And so on.

I realize this was many years ago and a very old version of MSO and I don't really know if it would have been better to have written the thesis in OOo, personality I wish we had taken the time to learn LaTex.

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