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Mozilla & Gecko clones A remarkably well reasoned editorial by Peter Bright at Ars discusses the implications of the new Firefox release schedule. The Crux of the argument is that by complaining about the "new" Firefox release, corporate customers are fundamentally misunderstanding the web and their place in it. He also reflects on historical reasons for their attitude and what they should do in the future to maintain parity with the evolution of the web.
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RE: Addons
by Erunno on Tue 28th Jun 2011 12:22 UTC in reply to "Addons"
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They should choose an API, label it as 1.0 and keep it stable for, let's say, one year, no matter the changes in the browser.

They actually have. It's called Add-on SDK and has been released with Firefox 5. The downside is that it is far less powerful than Firefox' "old-school" extension mechanism. Firefox developer Dave Townsend explains in a recent blog post why extensions tend to break with each new release:

Basically "old-school" extensions can hook into every subsystem of Firefox, there is no "API" per se which could be stabilized. That makes it ridiculously powerful but also causes the known compatibility headaches.

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