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Privacy, Security, Encryption Well, after 50 days of causing amok on the web, the guys and/or girls behind LulzSec have called it quits last night. After hacking into the systems of various Arizona law enforcement agencies and releasing countless internal documents, they published a statement on Pastebin yesterday, dumping yet another boatload of data on The Pirate Bay, and announcing their disbanding.
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RE[6]: Democracy
by DrillSgt on Tue 28th Jun 2011 12:52 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Democracy"
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While I don't have any problem with the countries immigration laws, I do admit to being troubled by the one in Arizona that requires them to have papers at all times. Even though i can see the logical reasoning behind it, the law will forever be linked in my mind to the way Germany required Jews to carry id. At the time, Jews were blamed by common society for many of the problems of the day, just like immigrants are now. I realize that the current government would never go on to do what the Nazis did, but for me the situations are already too similar to feel comfortable with.

Just wanted to point out, it is not only immigrants that are required to carry "papers", but everyone who lives in the US. Without having a government issued ID on you, be it a drivers license, or regular ID card, etc, the police will take you into custody if they ask for it and you cannot produce it.

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