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Mozilla & Gecko clones A remarkably well reasoned editorial by Peter Bright at Ars discusses the implications of the new Firefox release schedule. The Crux of the argument is that by complaining about the "new" Firefox release, corporate customers are fundamentally misunderstanding the web and their place in it. He also reflects on historical reasons for their attitude and what they should do in the future to maintain parity with the evolution of the web.
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IT Guy
by systyrant on Tue 28th Jun 2011 13:39 UTC
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I'm the only IT guy for a small business (100+ people). I detest IE, but it's the only approved browser because we still deal with sites that only support IE. We even have a few that refuse to work on anything over version 7.

Rolling out other browsers just generally doesn't work corporate wide for lots of reasons. Testing is one reason, but since I already know we have sites that don't work it becomes pointless.

We are doing a test run of chrome frame through group policy. For sites that require IE we force them to render under ie and everything else under chrome. So far it's going quite well.

I get what Mozilla is doing. Their target audience is end users and not corporate users. Given how Firefox works and such I can't believe corporation are rolling it out anyway.

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