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Apple With all the news about Anonymous, LulzSec, Anti-Sec, and so on, you'd almost forget there are more ethical hacking groups out there as well. One such group, YGN Ethical Hacker Group, informed Apple of several weaknesses in its developers website on April 25. Apple acknowledged the flaws, but so far, hasn't done anything about them. YGN Ethical Hacker Group has now stated they will fully disclose the vulnerabilities if Apple doesn't fix them in the coming few days.
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What is gained?
by kaelodest on Wed 29th Jun 2011 00:12 UTC
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OK ya made me change my password, I do that every 90 days. And I will readily admit that developers, are sometimes (more often than we as a body will admit) - to often running as admin, but AGAIN as in any unix I will make another account; say Test2 and login. Is is still happening? No? well that is unix. || Yes <infected> well, boot to a CD and work your recovery plan?
-=- Yes I offer that Many recent 'Apple Developers' are green & do not know a buffer overrun from 'free software' on warez sites, well let them feed the bigger fish. I am in This MacOS thing for the Long Haul. And Yes I see the Mac Market is Low Hanging Fruit (over trusting) and having deep pockets, BUT the *nix level security ( while heavily flawed ) seems adequate.
As I said before -Easy Hacks\Tricks - seem easy because they capture the low end of your target. How exactly do you intend to get my root password AND my credit card number? Proof of concept means the same thing as saying I might-could get with that girl. Show me the case where this 'exploit' if released did do something, or call it linkbait/end of Month-end of Quarter

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