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Google Well, here we have another attempt. After the failure of the overly complicated Google Wave (remember that? It was supposed to change the world and all that), Google is undertaking another attempt at social networking. It's called Google+. Update: Forget the crap I wrote here, this article is seven pages on insider information on Google+. Surprised by the beautiful interface? It's been designed by Andy Hertzfeld. The Andy Hertzfeld.
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And the DOJ has finally taken note of that fact. As they have launched an investigation into Google on suspicion that they are violating antitrust laws.... Something OSNews was too chicken to report on. Despite the fact that I submitted a story about it. It was removed from the queue and never posted. Thom assured me it would be posted when I questioned it in another thread. But was it ever posted? Nope.

Why? Because that's how much power Google has. OSNews is scared to death that if they report bad things about Google, Google will bury them in the search rankings. And I don't blame OSNews for being worried about that. Google has done it in the past. And it's one of the issues being considered in the antitrust investigation.

LOL. I'm guessing this guy is a paid Facebook shill - I obviously have no proof of any such thing, but if he can randomly assert conspiracy theories with no proof then so can I.

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