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Multimedia, AV "Apple have been processing refunds for Final Cut Pro X as complaints flood in from grumpy pros - and it seems they are taking a lenient approach. Although the iTunes/App Store terms and conditions state that 'all sales are final' [ed. note: isn't this illegal?], when an application does not meet the expectations of a user, like in the case of a 59p iPhone game, Apple have been known to refund the purchase. Now it seems they are doing so with Final Cut Pro X to the tune of $299."
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It actually surprised me that Apple would do such an easy mistake, in terms of a pro product evolution/market.

What if it wasn't a mistake, but simply a not-so-subtle way of saying "Frankly, we don't care about you anymore" to the pro Mac community ?

I mean, what are professional products worth once you are at the center of the mainstream market ? They require more work, and they generate less benefits as a whole, although more benefits per head...

It may simply be the case that this category of Mac users have had their use, and now Apple doesn't need them anymore. So they get deprecated, so to speak.

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