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Apple Well, this just got interesting. There's been a bit of a backlash over Apple's Final Cut X Pro, which is considered a step down from previous versions by many professional videographers, as they claim it lacks countless features - leading to the nickname 'iMovie Pro'. Former Shake product designer and former Apple employee Ron Brinkmann has now weighed in on the situation. His advice to professionals? Don't rely on companies like Apple.
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The slow death of OS X?
by sarahannalien on Wed 29th Jun 2011 16:33 UTC
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Hypothetical Scenario: iThings sync to the cloud, no computer required. iThings run all the apps that most people need. XCode ported to Windows/Linux to allow developers to write applications for iThings. Sales of desktops/laptops dwarfed by the sale of iThings. Sooo... what does Apple need a desktop operating system for, in the grand scheme of things?

I'm not saying this will happen... but it looks just a tiny bit more likely every day. And I don't really fault Apple... it's just how their business has evolved.

But, as a working multi-platform software engineer, my days on OS X seem like they could be numbered at this point. I expect we still have a few years at least...

I think I'm likely to end up on Ubuntu or FreeBSD/PCBSD for software development... and iThings for the things iThings offer. I'm also sure I'll be able to cope. But it will be kind of sad, too: the end of yet another era in the computer industry.

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