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Apple Well, this just got interesting. There's been a bit of a backlash over Apple's Final Cut X Pro, which is considered a step down from previous versions by many professional videographers, as they claim it lacks countless features - leading to the nickname 'iMovie Pro'. Former Shake product designer and former Apple employee Ron Brinkmann has now weighed in on the situation. His advice to professionals? Don't rely on companies like Apple.
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Bill Shooter of Bul
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They are saying this is the FUTURE of FCP and that for a lot of people who don't use tape anymore and don't need to import/convert their old projects and don't currently need multi-camera support, then this will be a great product for them.

So its the future of FCP, for users that have never used FCP before.

For the rest of FCP users, including you, this is a very tasty look into the future of what you and/or other pro users will be using.

Its a very tasty $299 look. Me, I like my tastes with a good burgundy, or under $100.

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