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Google Well, here we have another attempt. After the failure of the overly complicated Google Wave (remember that? It was supposed to change the world and all that), Google is undertaking another attempt at social networking. It's called Google+. Update: Forget the crap I wrote here, this article is seven pages on insider information on Google+. Surprised by the beautiful interface? It's been designed by Andy Hertzfeld. The Andy Hertzfeld.
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RE[3]: Google? What's that?
by cmchittom on Wed 29th Jun 2011 19:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Google? What's that?"
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Email is private. End of story. Full stop.


That's a serious question, incidentally. System administrators have always been able to read your mail, absent some use of cryptography. My workplace has a policy that I agreed to as a condition of employment that I have no expectation of privacy in (amongst other things) my work email. Why is it some sort of moral(?) imperative that email be private in all cases?

Google has no business at all scanning my private email to build an advertising profile about me.

Since Google does in fact have a business doing exactly that, I'm guessing that you're arguing that they should not scan email. Again: why? It's not like the people using GMail (myself among them) don't know what's going on. If they're willing to provide me with an email service in exchange for scanning my email and showing me ads, and I'm okay with that, why shouldn't Google be in that business?

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